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By Dr. Keith Souter

ISBN-10: 184953120X

ISBN-13: 9781849531207

A advisor to many of the forms and plenty of attainable motives of again ache, and functional and holistic suggestion to aid victims take care of it Looking at way of life adjustments, nutritional manipulation, vitamins, and DIY complementary cures, this ebook offers strategies that may also help decrease again ache. The 50 issues that victims can do contain picking out important meals and vitamins, learning traditional anti inflammatory herbs and spices, constructing innovations to lessen ache, checking out workouts, and finding helpful organisations and items.

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Poor posture is one of the most common reasons for having back pain. As I have indicated above, there are lots of factors that can result in a postural problem and we shall consider some of them in this chapter. First, I would like you to check your posture. IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE 57 17. Look in the mirror Do you use a mirror a lot? Most people use them to wash, do their hair, or check how their clothes look. But do you ever look at your posture? Possibly not. At any rate, you probably don’t really scrutinise how you hold yourself.

A TENS unit is about the size of a personal stereo. It is battery charged and delivers a small electrical current via wires to sticky pad electrodes that are placed over the area of pain. The electrodes and wires can be worn under normal clothing and the TENS unit may be clipped onto clothing or carried in a pocket. There are two mechanisms by which this system is thought to reduce pain: ̞rstly, when it is used at high frequency to stimulate certain non-pain-transmitting nerves, it e̝ectively overrides the pain signals from the pain-sensing nerves; and secondly, when used at low frequencies it is thought to cause the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkilling chemicals.

It details how to make a remedy which in Latin was called ‘Fuscum olympionico inscriptum’. This translates as ‘Olympic Victor’s Dark Ointment’. This was purportedly a liquid plaster which had cooling and painkilling e̝ects, and which reduced in̟ammation and bruising. This is a fascinating ̞nd, since it shows that sports medicine was alive and well in the ancient world. And an e̝ective painkilling, antiin̟ammatory remedy would have been worth its weight in gold to treat injuries in the gladiatorial circus or in the athletics arena.

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