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By Philip Carr

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This pocket-sized alphabetical consultant introduces the variety of phenomena studied in phonology and the most theoretical frameworks for conducting phonological research. The entries are a concise and transparent review of 1 of the most components in linguistic research.

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Examples 40 A GLOSSARY OF PHONOLOGY are the approximants [j] and [w] in yes and go, and the vowels [i:] and [ɑ:] in see and far in certain varieties of English. Degree of stricture is also known as manner of articulation. deletion A term used to refer to the loss (elision) of a segment or syllable. Dell, François A French phonologist who works in the tradition of generative phonology. In the early 1970s, Dell approached the phonology of French from the perspective of SPE phonology. He is also known for his later work on the phonology of the Berber language.

Empiricism is traditionally distinguished from Rationalism, also known as Nativism. empty onset see syllable enclitic see clitic Encrevé, Pierre A French phonologist who is known for combining an investigation of sociophonetic variation in speakers of French with an autosegmental approach to Liaison in French. enhancement The idea that a phonological contrast can be perceptually reinforced, heightened or enhanced by the addition of some extra articulatory gesture to one member or members of the sounds in contrast.

Also known as a tap. Although the IPA takes taps and flaps to be the same thing, some phonologists insist on distinguishing them. On this latter view, flaps are said to be retroflex, while taps are not; taps are said to involve a movement up and down of the upper surface of the tip/blade of the tongue against the alveolar ridge, while flaps are said to involve a back-front movement of the underside of the tongue tip/blade. Flapping A process in which, historically, a [t] sound or a [d] sound has come to be produced as a flap (also known as a tap).

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