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By David F. Crosby

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Guided GBU-10, GBU-1 5, GBU-24, GBU-31, and the AGMthose See weapon systems for the deliver aircraft used to delivery the munitions, primarily the munitions. Contractor: Lockheed Martin The bombs nearest the camera are BLU-109 penetrating bombs pre-positioned for quick loading onto aircraft. Photo courtesy of the USAF. ^ 42 Guide Military Nomenclature: Name: 1,000 Airborne Weapons BLU-110 General-Purpose lb. A MK-83 Description: to Bomb bomb general-purpose filled increases the time the bomb can spend important feature aboard an aircraft a fuel in fire PBXN-109, an with explosive less sensitive to heat than traditional explosives.

AGM-1 defeat reactive armor, the To 14F/L has a forward warhead module between the seeker and main warhead that contains a small explosive charge armor module. The main warhead then that sets off the reactive fires and pen- etrates the traditional armor. 5-pound warhead to destroy ships and hard and fragmentation. Guidance System: The onto the target. To spot. The strike the Hellfire will also ground observers or other The Longbow Fire explodes on impact. designated target, the missile homes on the laser guide on a laser spot projected onto the target by aircraft.

This comparison allows tion of the missile GPS with convention- uses gyroscopes and accelerometers (instru- the elevation of the terrain in its fitted so the missile uses a to the INS system. compare can also be missile missile uses aided by Terrain Contour Matching 300 in W-80-1 warhead can produce an explo- needed. Guidance System: The to a W-80-1 variable-yield thermonuclear flight, the missile uses forward-swept wings tailplanes designed to reduce their radar signature. Propulsion: pounds of thrust A Williams Unit Cost: $1,000,000 Date Deployed: 1990 Launch F112-WR-100 turbofan engine producing 732 powers the AGM-129.

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